‘Log Horizon Season 3’: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More Updates

Log Horizon

Log Horizon is an anime show that is originally from Japan. The Satellite Studios have made the sequence. The first season of this show released in 2014. Ever since then, the series has gained global appreciation all around the world. The series was renewed again for another season. The series’ next season was released in 2015. The series is initially based on a book written by Mamare Touno. The book was adapted as a manga collection.

Release Date:

It has been nearly five years that no renewal or updates on the new season were heard of. But the TV series is defined to be published in Japan in October 2020 however there is an opportunity that the launch might get postponed.

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Log Horizon Season 3: Cast

The fantastic news is that the cast of the Season is going to return to the next season. The forthcoming season may observe brand new characters and a couple of improvements. This can only be verified with news from the makers. For the time being, we could establish a few members of this cast. These include Mike Yager (Shiroe), Emiri Kato (Akatsuki), and Joji Nakata (Nyanta). The other important cast of the previous seasons will also remain in their functions.

Log Horizon Season 3: Plot

The third season of this show is set to continue its storyline out of where it finished in the previous season. In the last season, we could watch Shiroe being of socializing fearful. If he wants to live in the world of monsters he needs to socialize. The season will see Tenwazawai, a monster’s entrance. His entrance is set to be the beginning of the animosity between the East and West empires. This would result in again in the tension that exists from the Round Table Alliance. This alliance was set up to preserve calmness in Akiba.