My Hero Academia Season 5: Release Date and Major Details

My Hero Academia

Regardless if you’re an avid anime viewer or not. Chances are, you’re aware of My Hero Academia. The superhero anime, based on the manga of the same name by Kohei Horikoshi, is produced by Studio Bones. It debuted in April 2016 and ran till July 2016.

Even though the first season ended a while back, the anime just finished its English counterpart in the U.S.

My Hero Academia Season Release date

After months of wait, we can now affirm that the anime has been renewed for a fifth season. Although no official release date is announced, we expect a release date of early 2022 or 2021.

Season 5 Cast

Izuku Midoriya (voiced by Daiki Yamashita / Justin Briner)

Shouto Todoroki (Yuki Kaji / David Matranga)

Katsuki Bakougo (Nobuhiko Ikamoto / Clifford Chapin)

And many others will probably be returning to the academy.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Plot

My Hero Academia season 5 all updates info

No details regarding the storyline have been released yet. However, the season would continue where the previous season left off. 

Deku will learn more about the One for All. Endeavor’s journey to salvation will finally end. Along with that, we might see his connection with his son, Shouto.

Other Details and Updates

Izuku clarifies that he can not leave his teacher at this moment. Much like All Might, Aizawa is now an indispensable piece, and he is not ready to bid farewell to Eraserhead.