No game no life season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And All News !!


Today we’ll be discussing’No Game No Life Season 2′ Anime release date and exclusive leaks. This anime is called Nō Gēmu Nō Raifu from the Japanese Language. Also, it is an anime that is a version of a very famous Japanese light publication with the identical name written and illustrated by Yu Kamiya. This light novel was printed on 25 and till now, ten volumes of this novel has released, and all of them have been the best selling novels amongst readers.

Media Factory printed the Japanese version of the publication, and the English version was published by Yen Press. This anime is composed by Jukki Hanada and is led at Atsuko Ishizuka. Yōhei Hayashi, Shō Tanaka, Mika Shimizu, Satoshi Fukao, and Asako Shimizu are the manufacturers of this anime. The music creation and makeup work with this anime is done by Shinji Hosoe, Takahiro Eguchi, Ayako Saso, and Fumihisa Tanaka. For more details about this anime read the article;

No Game No Life Season 2: Expected Release Date

No Game No Life Season 2 will be released by the end of 2021, although we do not have a specific date for the series. According to our sources, we’ve dropped this date for this Japanese arcade. Each of the fans of the novel from which this anime is accommodated has very high hopes from this anime as they are anticipating some excitement and entertainment. The creators have large pressure from the audience and following their tweets, they’re currently receiving tens of thousands of requests and suggestions for this anime.


The anime’s official trailer has not published yet, but it can be dropped anytime September 2021 purchase. As soon as the preview is released by the creators, we’ll upgrade that in this informative article.

Characters and Voice Cast

The Voice cast and names of the characters of this anime have not been released, but it’s anticipated that characters of year 1 will remain the same in year 2 unless and until some new characters have been introduced. Some characters have to be published around September 2021. Here is the list of the characters as well as the voice cast;

Sora is voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka in Japanese and by Scott Gibbs in English
Shiro is voiced by Shiro by Ai Kayano in Japanese and by Caitlynn French in English
Kurama is voiced by Yuka Iguchi from Japanese and by Kara Greenberg in English
Tet is voiced by Rie Kugimiya in Japanese and English dubbed by Shannon Emerick
Stephanie Dola is voiced by Yōko Hikasa from Japanese and English dubbed by Sara Ornelas.
Jibril is evidenced by Yukari Tamura in Japanese and English dubbed by Amelia Fischer
Warbeast is voiced by Mugihito and English dubbed by John Swasey
Fil is voiced by Mamiko Noto in Japanese and by Christina Stroup in English