Overlord Season 4 Is Not Announced Yet, No Announcement Was Made on The 5th Anniversary

A few days ago we celebrated the 5th anniversary of Overlord. Many announcement were made and artworks were released on this occasion but no announcement was made about the fourth season. It’s been almost two years since the third season of the anime series premiered. Now fans are excited and bit disappointed for the fourth season. Earlier in the year, few rumours appeared on the Internet claiming that Season 4 is confirmed. Now fans are hyped for the next season, read more to know about the second season.

Overlord, a dark anime TV series based on a Japanese novel series written and Eugene Maruyama. Anime series was made by the Madman and the first season of the series debuted July 7, 2015, and finished airing on September 29 2015. Then it got renewed for a second season, and it premiered on January 10, 2018. In the same year, on July 11, 2018, third season was released. Overlord movies are available on Netflix in many countries.

YGGDRASIL is a Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game like Sword Art Online released in 2126 that is discontinued after 12 years of its release. A player gets stuck in the game after the game servers went offline. He struggles to survive and escape from this video game.

This series has some iconic characters to look forward to them in the next season if it happens like Albedo and Ainz Gown.

Last year, KSM Anime broadcaster for Germany, Austria, Switzerland held an event that was attended by the crew members. The company tweeted that the panellists have confirmed “Overlord” season 4. Later it was revealed that the information only came from screenwriter Yukie Sugawara, scriptwriter for all seasons of Overlord. This must be credible if he is already working on season 4. But there has been no official announcement so far. Fans were anticipating the announcement on the 5th anniversary but as I said earlier no announcement was made.

It seems that it has been a roller coaster ride, the release date of seasons does not seem to follow any pattern. So it’s very difficult to predict an expected release date for the fourth season. Hopefully, Madman will make an official announcement soon. It’s expected to come out in 2021.