Re Zero Season 2:expected to release soon

Re Zero is an anime television series adaption by White Fox which aired in the year 2016. The series is an adaptation from the 2012 Japanese novel series Re Zero: Starting Life in Another World written by Tappei NagatsukiThe anime series succeeded in stealing the heart of the fans. The story is about a boy named Natsuki Subaru who just loved playing games. But suddenly the boy is taken to another world without his knowledge. Then a special power of the boy revealed that he can die and relive the moments leading up to it.

Though the series gained large popularity, it took more than 2 years to create its sequel. 

Release Date of Season 2 

A teaser for season 2 has been already released by the makers in 2019 which guarantees the release of season 2. Moreover, the officials scheduled the release of season 2 in April 2020. But due to the current global pandemic crisis that the world is facing, the production of the series is on halt. On April 9 it was officially announced that the release of Re Zero: season 2 is delayed. But we can expect it release by July 2020 if everything comes back to normal soon. If not then also season 2 is expected to be released by the end of this year.

The story-line of Re Zero: Season 2

The season 1 ends with the victory of Natsuki Subaru over the Witch cult and the Sin Archbishop of Sloth. Season 2 is expected to continue the story just after this battle. As it is an adaptation of the novel series, the story-line can be predicted based on that. If the makers move at the same pace then the audience will soon meet Echidna The Witch of Greed. 

Re Zero season 2 updates related info

If this happens then many new characters can be seen in the anime series with the Witch.

Though the viewers are waiting to know what will happen next, the season 2 anime will be worth waiting for. Even the novel has been read by many of the viewers, this visual series is a must to watch.