Solo Levelling Season 2: Monster Hunter And Everything You Want To Know So Far? Will There Be Another Series On Netflix?

Solo leveling Season 2

Solo Levelling is a web novel adapted from South Korea. Chu-Gong is the author of this action drama, and also the Publisher D&C Media published this under Kakaopage and the Papyrus dining table. This novel has an action-based genre and a dream.

Solo Levelling Season 2

On March 4, 2018, the season concluded, and one was successfully published on March 19, 2020. The illustrator for Solo Levelling is Hang Sung-Rak. It has two volumes. This novel is also available in English with the title”Only 1 Level Up”.

Season 2 Release Date :

Solo Levelling

Part 1 has recently terminated. Season 1 gained a lot of support and enormous fame from the fans. So people have to wait for season two. Due to the outbreak, the functions haven’t been started by the production. The forecasts are made that component 2 will commence in the middle of 2021.

Story Line :

The story on a portal linking the hunters and creatures from the entire world to a world in which some people have acquired abilities to search the monsters. The hunters possess the capability and the power to invade the critters. But sad to say, the hunters are trapped in a dangerous dungeon. Only a few can survive and manage to escape it.

Sung Jin Woo is the only one who completes all of of the trials and survives from the dungeon. Sung subsequently becomes a”Player” who is searching for his father.

He is a protagonist, transformed his own life to a many devoted and energetic monster hunter.

He had been timid and called the priest. But he strove with all his wills after trapped in prison along with some hunters and might to escape the jail by sparking his inner strength.

He is the most powerful hunter. Finally, he bravely began the journey towards victory.

This webtoon licensed and was authorized by web novel on May 7, 2020.