Solo Leveling Season 2: Delayed? Release Date & Everything We Know So Far!

Solo Levelling

“Solo Leveling” is an anime based on a Korean web publication written by Chu-Gong. It was printed under the Papyrus tag and announcement by the D&C Media. The Webnovel has published in English the series. In English, it goes by the title”Just I Level Up.”

Solo Leveling Season 2

The narrative revolves in a world that’s full of monsters. A group of people who go by the title”predators” combat these monsters. The lead of the story is Sung Jin-Woo, who unlike other predators, doesn’t have any skill. But he is among the E seekers one of the predators.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date

Solo Leveling

This series has a fan base all around the world. The show became successful after its first season finished 2020, in March and published in 2018. The fans have been asking since about the launch of this season.

No confirmation was received concerning the show’s upcoming season. There were strategies of showing the release date for period 2, but so far there are no updates. The sequel season would probably be delayed until late 2021.


Updates on the season and its cast are awaited. But, according to news, the cast of the first season will be back for the next season. The cast of the first time comprised Hwang Chi-Yeul Park Hee-Jin, Jo Byung-Gyu, and Proceed Joon-Hee.

Confirmations on such members are to come from the group. Furthermore, there might be new characters who get added to the cast as the plot progresses. This means there may be additions to the cast.


There is very little insight into the plot of this next season. Therefore, the news says that the storyline of the season may follow from the very first year’s scheme for the time being. The season showed two gates — one leading to worlds to the brighter along with other.

In the first season, Jin-Woo went to the search for his father and also beat up King Ant. The season may show whether he can locate his dad or not and what happens to his hunt. He may also face several new challenges and critters.

Solo Levelling Season 2: Monster Hunter And Everything You Want To Know So Far? Will There Be Another Series On Netflix?

Solo leveling Season 2

Solo Levelling is a web novel adapted from South Korea. Chu-Gong is the author of this action drama, and also the Publisher D&C Media published this under Kakaopage and the Papyrus dining table. This novel has an action-based genre and a dream.

Solo Levelling Season 2

On March 4, 2018, the season concluded, and one was successfully published on March 19, 2020. The illustrator for Solo Levelling is Hang Sung-Rak. It has two volumes. This novel is also available in English with the title”Only 1 Level Up”.

Season 2 Release Date :

Solo Levelling

Part 1 has recently terminated. Season 1 gained a lot of support and enormous fame from the fans. So people have to wait for season two. Due to the outbreak, the functions haven’t been started by the production. The forecasts are made that component 2 will commence in the middle of 2021.

Story Line :

The story on a portal linking the hunters and creatures from the entire world to a world in which some people have acquired abilities to search the monsters. The hunters possess the capability and the power to invade the critters. But sad to say, the hunters are trapped in a dangerous dungeon. Only a few can survive and manage to escape it.

Sung Jin Woo is the only one who completes all of of the trials and survives from the dungeon. Sung subsequently becomes a”Player” who is searching for his father.

He is a protagonist, transformed his own life to a many devoted and energetic monster hunter.

He had been timid and called the priest. But he strove with all his wills after trapped in prison along with some hunters and might to escape the jail by sparking his inner strength.

He is the most powerful hunter. Finally, he bravely began the journey towards victory.

This webtoon licensed and was authorized by web novel on May 7, 2020.

Solo Levelling Season 2: Release date, Story Line And All Latest News

Solo Levelling

Series are gaining popularity as any pictures or series. It is dependent upon how makers portray the characters and the storyline. Animated series has released, and a lot of them are out of Asia Origin. If we have to chat about any country except Japan in an animated show that is going popularity in Asia, then it would be South Korea. The best of South Korean animated series is Solo Leveling.

Solo Leveling isn’t only an animated series which has its source in South Korea, but it is also considered as the first animated series of the nation. The characters of the series and the story are mostly taken from a publication that known as Solo Leveling and has the same name. When it comes to the writer of this show, then it’s Chu Going.

After publishing one, this collection was liked by fans, and the way makers have depicted the entire series is perfect that it is clear to need season two. So are we becoming Solo Leveling 2? If so, then when can we expect?

Solo Levelling Season 2 Release Date :

Solo Levelling

Part 1 has terminated. Season 1 gained a lot of support and massive popularity from the lovers. So people must wait for season two. Due to this worldwide outbreak, the functions haven’t been started by the production. The forecasts are made that part 2 will commence in the middle of 2021.

Solo Levelling Season 2 Story Line

The story on a portal connecting the critters and hunters from the planet to a world. The hunters possess the power and ability to invade the critters. But sad to say, the hunters have been stuck at a dangerous dungeon. Just a few can survive and figure out how to escape from it. Sung Jin Woo is the person who successfully completes the hard trials and survives from the dungeon. Sung subsequently becomes a”Player” who is searching for his dad.

He’s a protagonist, altered his own life to a dedicated and mighty monster hunter from a weak hunter. He was timid and after called the weakest priest. But after trapped in prison along with some hunters, he tried with all his wills and would to escape the jail by arousing his internal strength. He is the most energetic hunter. Ultimately, he began the journey towards success.

Web novel on May 7, 2020, has authorized and licensed at the English language this webtoon, together with 1 million accumulative readerships.

Solo leveling Season 2: Release date, Cast, Plot And All New Latest Information Here

Solo leveling Season 2

Asia is well-known for its high number of viewers that watches their animated versions as well with higher excitement and read manga comics. Solo levelling is the Korean series with a fan base. It is completely based on a publication with the exact same name”Solo Leveling”. Chu-Gong writes it.

Fans are surprised following the launch of season 1, so they’re currently wondering about much more and its release date.

Release Date of Solo Leveling Season 2

This South Korean show will come back after a short interval that is spanned with ideas and a season two. Regardless of the loose connection of season one, we hope to see plenty of things that are new, and it’d amaze us. Creators themselves are unsure about the season’s premiere. Hence season two’s release date is still under wraps. It will release, but we don’t know when. We hope season two will release.

The Cast of Solo Leveling Season two

Season one personality will stay unchanged. It includes King Ant Sung-jin Woo, Jo-Byung, and Go Joon-hee. A few new characters may be brought by season two too. There’ll be developments from the cast if the plot requires.

The Plotline of Solo Leveling Season 2

Season 1 leaves us. It’ll be thrilling and interesting to find out whether Sun Jin-woo becomes the predators or not. We do not wish to state something that we’re unsure about. Anticipation will finish as soon as it premieres. We must wait until the manufacturers give an official statement regarding the release. But season two is will probably be full of drama and activity.

Solo leveling season 2

The Story of Solo Leveling Season 2

Solo Leveling’s story follows a portal site that connects the individual world and a monster &other animals’ world. Some people have the ability and the capacity to hunt those animals, and they are called hunters. This series Sung Jin-Woo’s protagonist is the weakest of E hunters. He is not even powerful like a typical human. His fellow hunters call him names like”the weakest.” 1 day he and his fellow hunters become trapped at a dungeon.

Escape, and only some of them could figure out how to survive. Sung Jin-Woo is among them. He completes each of the trials in the dungeon and manages to live. After this incident, he then turns to a”player” who will now show his quests.

Season 1 ends with a question. Will he be in a position to turn into the most effective hunter?

More Information

D&C gathered and released the chapters into two volumes as of April this season . Fan translations translated Solo Leveling into several languages. But, Webnovel licensed it to print it in English under the title”Only I Level Up” on December 21, 2018. Certainly, the publication has captured the attention of 1.4 million subscribers.